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Nim: Check if stdin/stdout are associated with terminal or pipe

When writing bash scripts, I often need to know if the script is receiving input from the terminal, or some piped process. I would also need to know if the script is sending output to the terminal, or to another piped process.

As I am learning Nim and trying to write new scripts using that, I need to know how to do the same in Nim.

Installing bleeding edge Hugo + Goorgeous

Update (2017/06/16)

Updated the github source references as per the changes in hugo v0.23. Also made the shell script ShellCheck-passing! 🙌 §

You already got go installed, and that’s why are you reading it.

         If not – Go! Install it!

So.. now that you have go installed, why settle for the release version of hugo! You are reading this blog post generated using the bleeding edge of hugo.

In addition, Hugo v0.19 onwards supports the org-mode syntax, which is so much more awesome than markdown, especially if you are using emacs.

This post is about how you can install the latest versions of hugo and the go package that adds the org-mode support – goorgeous.