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Optimize your .git

I was reviewing what was occupying the maximum disk space using the ncdu command line utility. One of the top candidates was the git clone of org-mode. It was using 2.4GB of my disk space!

Surprised by that, I started looking around1 if there was a way to optimize the cloned git repositories i.e. the .git/ directories. And sure enough, there was a way.

From this SO solution, all I needed to do was run the below in the git repo directory.

git reflog expire --all --expire=now
git gc --prune=now --aggressive

After running the above, the org-mode git repo shrunk down to 68MB!

I will find myself needing this for various git projects. So I created an alias called git_optimize for my tcsh shell.

alias git_optimize 'git reflog expire --all --expire=now; \\
                    git gc --prune=now --aggressive'

  1. I mean, started googling :) [return]
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