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Git diff Minified JS and CSS

Kaushal Modi

Make the git diff output be more useful when diffing minified .js and .css files.

While working on a little PR for the Hugo doc site theme, I learned that if I needed to make changes to JS/CSS, I had to commit my changes in both unminified and minified versions.

I have a habit to always look at the diffs at the time of staging and committing. So it felt very unnatural to commit a minified JS where the diff would show just one changed line with thousands of characters of minified+uglified JS.

So I started looking for solutions, and found this post by Christian Weiske where he suggests using js-beautify to beautify minified JS diffs.

    And that tool works beautifully!

  • I later found out that the same tool can also be used to beautify minified CSS.
  • .. and I installed that tool using npm as the pip3 approach failed with “Collecting js-beautify.. Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement js-beautify (from versions: ) No matching distribution found for js-beautify”.

So here’s how you can do useful git diff for minified JS and CSS.

1 Install js-beautify using npm #

I see myself using js-beautify in many other projects too. So I installed it globally.

npm install --global js-beautify

2 Configure git to use that tool #

Add below to your ~/.gitconfig:

  1. Use js-beautify to first beautify the minified JS for the minjs diff configuration, and then do a diff of those beautified files.
  2. Enable caching of those beautified files to speed up the diff, so that re-beautification of unmodified minified files can be skipped.
  3. Similarly for minified CSS, use js-beautify --css to first beautify the minified CSS for the mincss diff configuration.
[diff "minjs"]
    textconv = js-beautify
    cachetextconv = true
[diff "mincss"]
    textconv = js-beautify --css
    cachetextconv = true

3 Add/update .gitattributes file to the project repo #

Now, in your project repo’s .gitattributes file, you need to associate files with the diff configurations set above.

Below will use the minjs configuration for *.min.js and *.bundle.js files, and mincss configuration for *.min.css and main.css.

*.min.js diff=minjs
*.bundle.js diff=minjs
*.min.css diff=mincss
main.css diff=mincss

Beautiful Result #

Figure 1: git diff of minified JS as seen in Magit

Figure 1: git diff of minified JS as seen in Magit

Isn’t that better than how GitHub shows the exact same commit diff? 😎

Figure 2: Same commit diff shown on GitHub

Figure 2: Same commit diff shown on GitHub