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Do ediff as I mean

In almost all of my ediff use cases, I would have windows open side-by-side in a frame, and then I would want to do a diff between the two using ediff-buffers.

But emacs doesn’t know that. So it always asks me to select the buffers I want to diff. The same problem is with ediff-files too.

So I came up with the below helper function to pick the correct ediff command ..

Elisp Meta Characters in String

The setup of outshine package for emacs requires the user to set the variable outline-minor-mode-prefix to "\M-#" before the outline-mode package (that ships with emacs) is loaded.

The best way to do this is via the Customize interface in emacs.

So I did M-x customize and set that variable’s value to "\M-#" and restarted emacs and that worked.

But then I was surprised to see that value being saved in the custom.el as '(outline-minor-mode-prefix "\243").

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