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A Better Less?

I use emacs – with a server1 and client setup – so that I can quickly open new files in it using emacsclient. My typical setup is to have xterm + tmux on one monitor and a single emacs(client) frame on another. But there are times when I do not want to shift focus from one monitor to another, like when I just need to review some log file. So I started using an alias to emacs -nw -Q to quickly open log files, review, filter, and C-x C-c.

Of course, that’s not where this post ends. An alias was no longer adequate to do what I wanted it to do more ..

Count Down Timer in Shell

I was working on a tcsh script that did some cool stuff. But if a user ran that script not knowing the true impact of the script, it could make some bad irreversible changes.

While I could simply echo a warning statement and put a sleep 10, I wanted the wait time to be shown live.

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