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Do ediff as I mean

In almost all of my ediff use cases, I would have windows open side-by-side in a frame, and then I would want to do a diff between the two using ediff-buffers.

But emacs doesn’t know that. So it always asks me to select the buffers I want to diff. The same problem is with ediff-files too.

So I came up with the below helper function to pick the correct ediff command ..

(defun modi/ediff-dwim ()
        "Do ediff as I mean.

If a region is active when this command is called, call `ediff-regions-wordwise'.

Else if the current frame has 2 windows,
- Do `ediff-files' if the buffers are associated to files and the buffers
  have not been modified.
- Do `ediff-buffers' otherwise.

Otherwise call `ediff-buffers' interactively."
        (if (region-active-p)
            (call-interactively 'ediff-regions-wordwise)
          (if (= 2 (safe-length (window-list)))
              (let (bufa bufb filea fileb)
                (setq bufa  (get-buffer (buffer-name)))
                (setq filea (buffer-file-name bufa))
                  (other-window 1)
                  (setq bufb (get-buffer (buffer-name))))
                (setq fileb (buffer-file-name bufb))
                (if (or
                     ;; if either of the buffers is not associated to a file
                     (null filea) (null fileb)
                     ;; if either of the buffers is modified
                     (buffer-modified-p bufa) (buffer-modified-p bufb))
                      (message "Running (ediff-buffers \"%s\" \"%s\") .." bufa bufb)
                      (ediff-buffers bufa bufb))
                    (message "Running (ediff-files \"%s\" \"%s\") .." filea fileb)
                    (ediff-files filea fileb))))
            (call-interactively 'ediff-buffers))))

Find it on my git.


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